UK Chess Challenge Gigafinal Results

Here are the results of the Northumbria players in the Delancey UK Chess Challenge Northern Gigafinal, held at Wright Robinson College in Manchester, 14-15 July.

A total of 39 players took part from the Northumbria Megafinal.

1st, 2nd and 3rd (using tie-breaks if necessary) go forward to the top national final, the Terafinal in Peterborough, September 15-16.

All players with 4/6 qualify for the Challengers (North) on September 22, at The Cunard Building, Liverpool. This is being run by Northumbria’s UKCC organiser,┬áTim Wall.

The Gigafinal (and the UK Chess Challenge as a whole) were fantastically organised by Sarah and Alex Longson, who took over running the world’s biggest junior tournament (with 45,000 players) from founder IM Mike Basman in 2016. The tournaments were run on a very hot weekend, but the facilities, organisation, arbiting and general atmosphere were friendly and extremely good.

Under 7 Boys: Daylan Deen-Williams (NPS) & Ruben Bigley (Dame Allans) 3/6, Gabriel Bowers (NPS), Joel Rajiv (Argyle House), Pranav Chadda (NPS) 2/6.

Under 8 Boys: Archit Upadye (RGS) 4/6, Kaipo Wu (RGS) 3.5/6, Sebastian Arend-Trujillo (St Teresa’s) 2/6

Under 9 Boys A: Lyege Payne (RGS) 3.5/6

Under 9 Boys B: Michael Landon 4/6 (St Teresa’s), Naman Berry (Forest Hall) 3.5/6, Ciaran Davidson (Forest Hall) 2/6.

Under 10 Boys A: Yichen Han (Forest Hall) 6/6 1st, Alex Rudzenis (Forest Hall) 5/6, 2nd=, 2nd on tie-break, Matthew Ansell (Gosforth Junior High) 3/6, Luke Birkett (NPS) 1/6

Under 10 Boys B: Bhuvan Jumani (Forest Hall), Vincenzo Fazio (St Teresa’s), both 4/6.Samuel Vincent (Our Lady and St Anne’s) 3/6.

Under 9 Girls Champion: Prachi Arora (Forest Hall) 5/6 1st =, winner on tie-break, Maanvi Manchineni (RGS) 3/6.

Under 10 Girls Champion: Sai Kumaar (Forest Hall) 5.5/6, 1st =, winner on tie-break ahead of Jessica Mellor (Guildford) 5.5/6 (European Schools Under 11 Girls Champion 2018)

Under 11 Girls: Tanvi Manchineni (Forest Hall) 4/6, 4th place on tie-break

Under 11 Boys A: Charlie Mooney (Forest Hall) 4th = 4/6 (7th on tie-break), Benjamin Arend-Trujillo (St Teresa’s) 3.5/6, Harshith Bonam (NPS) 3/6, Harrison Scott (St Oswald’s), Fergus Whittaker (St Teresa’s) both 2/6.

Under 11 Boys B: Daniel Rajiv (RGS), 4/6, 6th = (8th on tie-break), Varnu Boora (Forest Hall) 4/6, 6th = (9th on tie-break)

Under 12 Boys and Girls: Daniel Needham (Dame Allan’s) 3/6

Under 13 Boys and Girls: Both 6th= on 4/6: Matthew Jepson (Dame Allan’s) 7th on tie-break, Daniel Gazerani-Lopez, 8th on tie-break, Partheev Manoj (Forest Hall), Jonathan Jativa-Calle (St Mary’s) both 3/6, Alex Johnston (St Mary’s) 2.5/6, Mikey Block (St Mary’s) 2/6

Under 14 Boys & Girls: Ben Needham (Dame Allan’s) 1/6

Under 15-Under 18 Boys & Girls (one tournament): 1st = James Moreby (Gosforth), Max Turner (Berwick) 5/6 (James 1st on tie-break, Max 2nd)
Joe Dalton (Gosforth) 3rd= 4.5/6 (3rd on tie-break)