The 2017 Tyneside Easter Chess Congress

Please note: This event is organised by Forest Hall Chess Club not the NJCA

Dear chess friends,

It’s that time – you’ve done your opening preparation, played blitz on the internet, and even thought (briefly) about finally opening that endgame book!

But still you feel the lure of the chessboard, and perhaps a certain yen for hand-to-hand combat in over-the-board tournament chess. Don’t worry – the answer is at hand! You can enter the inaugural Tyneside Easter Congress, coming up at Forest Hall Chess Club on 14-16 April.

Just follow this link to enter online:

and you can download the entry form here:

The organizers (myself, Brian Towers and Paul Charlton) are raring to go with the fastest computer pairing system in the West, and we’d love to see you there.

So go on, give it a go – it’s your move!
Tim Wall